Ice Auger Blade Shipping Info

Shipping Instructions:

Please ship in secure Boxes only. Do not send blades in an envelope. Items should not be able to rattle around in transit.

Must include the following info within the box:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Address
  4. Description & Quantity of blades included

Once we receive the blades, expect 1-2 days for sharpening and we will immediately return ship them. Usually takes less than a week.

Payment Instructions:

Total up the charges below for your items and add an extra $5 for return shipping.

Orders will be returned by Spee-Dee Delivery as long as within shipping area.

Payment by check
Place check in package with blades. Blades will be returned once check clears.

Payment by card
Once package is received, we will call you for credit card information. Blades will be shipped back as soon as they’re done.

Ice Auger Blade Sharpening Price List

(Add an extra $5 for return shipping.)

Hand Auger Blade Sets
$10 – Most Styles

Chipper Blades
$10 – Standard
$20 – Stx Jiffy 3 Blades

Shaver Blade Sets
$15 – Up to 8″
$20 – 3 Blade 9″
$25 – 4 Blade 10″

NILS Blades
$20 – Up to 6″
$30 – 8″

Misc & Vintage Blades
$20 – Spoon Style
$20 – Vintage

For items not listed above, please call 320-333-0962.